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Water line lowered – and boat all cleaned up

After days of cleaning, off loading and donating stuff to the St Lucia island locals, Sugar Shack now floats about 2 inches higher in the water.  The growth that gathered on the hulls was 2 inches out of the water when we were done.    Out with the old towels, bed sheets, tupperware that didn’t have lids, some old parts/food that were way beyond the life cycle and Sugar Shack looks like a completely different boat.

Of course there is always more to tweak and change to make her a part of the family but she is well on her way.

Pictures from Atlantic crossing

Video of the adventure.

We took lots of pictures, some 500 of them, but you can only see so many sunset and wave pictures that don’t really do the waves justice in 2D. Here is a gallery of some of the photos.

A Women’s Perspective – Note

Christine’s blog “A Woman’s Perspective” was written the end of each day (but I have past/present tense issues). Matt’s blog “Atlantic Crossing” was written day of and some times the day after so our blogs might not always match up with dates – but the stories are still good!

Sorry for the confusion between the blogs. I also omitted most of the content that was already mentioned in Matt’s blog unless it was an exciting piece or big news.