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  1. Kimberly

    HI Sissy!
    Sounds like the Schug is all set and you 3 are already having an adventure! Might have to work on getting Matt some more alcohol….he blogged “not nearly enough!” We can’t have
    him and Wayne sober whilst kids are on board! If you need anything from home let us know today and we can bring…leave in the am hours tomorrow…or is that yesterday for you? lol
    love you!

  2. Christine

    Hello Sista! We can’t wait to have you all on board! Had a big sail day today with lots of squalls, lightening, and thunder, but I am sure it will be all blue skies when you arrive! Freezer went out which means “no jello”, but Wayne is ready with the blended drinks!

  3. Donna

    Merry Christmas loved ones. I’m having as much fun here in San Diego reading your blog as you are sailing the seas. Did you hear that Stephanie is engaged? Matt perposed on 12/22. Beautiful ring. Be safe and much love.

  4. Donna

    Happy to hear that Troy, Kim, Cole and Cam arrived safely. Not a bad way to spend your vacation: sailing, exploring and swimming. Love to ya all.

  5. bertie

    Hi Girls and Boys
    I am happy that you all were able to celebrate spiritually as a family on Christmas!
    Happy birthday Cam, I hope to see you all when you get back but not sure may have
    trip to Az.

    tks for the fish shot Wayne, very nice

  6. Christine

    Hey Poppa!!

    Christmas church was lovely, but tough being outside and separate from the congregation. Great music, lovely locals all dressed to the 9’s, and amazing view – God was present! Much love to you all

  7. Donna

    Hi dear Family, Wanted to wish you a very happy New Year and let you know I’m thinking about you all. Happy birthdays to Kim and Cam as well. Christine you’re next…..Love.

  8. Laura Curtin

    Hi Christine,
    I am so jealous! What a fabulous trip it looks like you are having! I am hard at work right now. (Don’t tell Paula!) Your site is really great and very informative. I love the photos. I am at home in Ohio and it is freezing here. I am keeping warm and busy “unstaging” the house and settling back in to make it home again.

    I am going to be in Napa frequently in 2014. Let me know when you will be there, too so we can plan to catch up. My first trip out will be the week of 1/20/14.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.


  9. Allyson

    Hi Sugar Shack,
    I am about to recover the cushions on our C471 Escapade. Could you tell me how much fabric you needed? Your new cushions look fabulous!

  10. Matt Post author

    Sorry for the delay, just seeing seeing this now. Went back through the records from Turkey were the work was done. The quote says 25M of fabric for the interior work, which included the ‘benches’ in port/starboard hulls as well.


  11. Christine

    yes. we are a little behind on our blogging, but will be updating soon – you can always reach us on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts too

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