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Sint Maarten – The garage

So I have not updated this in like FOR EVER…

We partied like rockstars in St Barts for New Years, and then headed to SXM for get some much needed repairs.  SXM is known as the garage, for the super yachts of which there are many here – its where the duty free parts and shipping are very convenient, hence the garage for repairs.

Had been meaning to get the rigging replaced for a couple of years, but schedules and other personal items prevented that from happening..  Grenada could replace 1/2 of the rigging, not the rod that keeps our mast straight, but FKG (awesome by the way) had the tools/skills to do it all – tho not cheap.

FKG and the easy international airport was the reason SXM was the final destination last year.

Our rigging is 15 years old, normally it needs to be replaced every 8-10 years, so we were well over due.  I had been emailing Kevin from FKG and he assured me they could handle the job.

We arrived and would have been done within 4 days, but since the eSpace Carbon mast was down, it was a good time to make it pretty too.  Kevin called the local painters and it added 3 weeks to work schedule.  We ended up going with Kenny Awlgrip.   Terrible experience, more runs and paint sags than a 2 year old with finger paint.  Turns out that his name is not Kenny, he bought the company but lets you call him Kenny – his real name is Babu.  The attention to detail is severely lacking, even his business card has misspellings – ugh just a terrible aggravating experience.

In the end FKG did a great job, Colin/Arthur/Ryan/Lee were awesome to work with on time and on schedule.

Fast forward to down island trip back to Grenada .. coming up.


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