Current Location

Our current location

Sugar Shack is currently in Tonga.  We will spend a month here before moving towards Fiji around mid-August.  We hope to particpate in the Musket Cove Regatta in September and do some diving before we head back to New Zealand for cyclone season.

Lots of ways to see our current location:

SSB Radio (only updated on SSB)
CruiserSat (only updated on SSB)



Our track across the Atlantic 2010

Download the KML file for Google Earth

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12 thoughts on “Current Location

  1. Mike

    Looking good. I hope you make better time.
    A common thing to do is to plumb the engine coolant line in with the water heater (with heat exchanger). So when the engine is running you are producing electric,propulsion, and hot water. In this case you water heater would have come up to temperature and switched off the electric element and you would have been back to charging the batteries.

    What’s the forecasted ETA now. Sure looks slow going. I’ll pray for just enough wind. From which direction would you prefer?

  2. Uncle Ron

    Sorry I missed the departure Party, I’ll bet She looks awesome in the trini Sun !

    Cold and wet in in Sacto today taking the Porsche over to Santa Cruz tommorrow to look @ Beneteau 456….

    Gotta have something to sail to Hawaii.

    Have a great holiday’s …

  3. Eric

    So is it docked in Grenada or St Lucia? Can’t wait to see it start darting around the map again! Merry Xmas y’all! Hugz to Christine and Wayne. Post photos as soon as you can!

  4. Christine

    Hello Vicki

    You’d love it here! Kimberly is doing great, enjoying the sun, Troy and Cameron are total boat boys and Cole finished reading one of the largest books I’ve ever seen! Hope to see you early next year! Cheers

  5. Adam Barone

    You’re living a life doing stuff that I’m not sure I could do for a day! But maybe I should give that a try sometime – enjoy the adventure and downtime y’all.

  6. Christine

    Hey Donna! What a nice surprise to hear from you! Hope you are doing well and enjoying some cooler weather as fall nears. We are doing great, love the simple boat life and meeting people from all over the world.

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