Monthly Archives: December 2011

Another lazy day in paradise

Watched the sun rise, tried to make phone calls on less than rock solid Internet connections around 9 am. Made Christine drive the dingy up to the high end resort at north end of the bay. She did good and only barely bounced off the dock. We asked about getting dinner there but of course they are booked solid being new years evening and all.

We bellied up to a beach table at the bar potion and they would serve us lunch and drinks. Of course their prices are in USD. So the exact same beer that I had paid 3EC yesterday costs $5 USD or a $4 surcharge. ( smile )

After a light snack Christine drove the dingy back to the big boat and of course the wind was blowing 20 something and the shack was really swinging on the ball. She chased the boat a couple of times but nailed it in the third attempt. You can now call her an accomplished dingy driver but might still need some practice getting it started when the engine is cold.

We had intentions on going back to the snorkel reef after anther beverage or two, but I decided to try and take a nap and Christine and Wayne basked in the sun on the foredeck.

I didn’t get far on that nap and decided to clean the bilges and investigate why one of the port bilges pumps wasn’t working. Well the float switch was just laying on its side and no longer secured to the bottom of the bilge. Fixed with some silkaflex which is another version of 5200.

Gonna shower and have our own new years party on board. Grilling some jerk bone in chicken breasts and some brochette for an appetizer and some mixed veggies and some guacamole using those fresh huge avocados.