Monthly Archives: February 2013

More boat chores accomplished

Another sweet day in Saint Lucia or lucifer according to some folks who can’t remember the correct name.

Got up early and went walking around the docks and boat yard. Found out that Magnificat was still in the yard and there is lots of room for more boats. Hopefully they’ll put the shack over there sooner than later as the marina is growing some good stuff at the waterline.

Twas a Sunday so most every thing is closed. Shawn went for a run I changed out the fuel filters and cleaned the bowls. Made a good mess in the port side so the majority of the time was cleaning up some spilled diesel. The starboard side was a piece of cake with a little help from Shawn turning on and off the fuel at the tanks.

That left a lot of day light and a search for some thing else to tinker with. I had brought a remote for the windless a few trips ago and it is now installed and operational. We can now use a remote control out on the bow to raise and lower the anchor.

Sent Regis an update on the freezer as it finally pulled its thing. Frost was gone and compressor running.

Started putting some stuff away for the enevitable return home to Austin. Decided to go over to Mikes for a cold beer. We used the pulley bridges even tho Mikes was closed so it was back to the Boardwalk bar at the marina.

Wanted to try something a bit different for dinner than the Marina complex so we wandered out and to the left. Up the hill by the Shell station there is a place called El Rey that turned out lovely and had a nice jam session of drummers showing their skills. Dinner was really good and more like local prices. We will have to go back there in April.

Stopped at the boardwalk on the way home and watched the Kaos. A English bunch had obviously been there a while and the loud ones. Quite entertaining tho.

Slept on the trampoline till I was rudely awakend by a short drizzle.

Departure day and every thing is open

Up earlyish Shawn had already left for a run. I was too early for the marina, Regis, and island water world. They didnt open up till 8:30.

Found Shawn retuning for his run and wandered about a bit till the stores started opening up. Island water world to restock the fuel filers and 2 cycle oil and a nice big thing of corrosionX. In April when return it’ll be a Saturday and then everything is closed on Sunday so figured it was now or have to wait till Monday to get stuff.

Found John at Regis, he had replied to my email and wanted to know if the compressor was running. So I went. Ack to check on it after stopping by the marina to see the main man who hadnt shown up yet.

Finally Regis hooked me up with Prudent the local refrigerator guys contact information. First call went in answered but was able to make contact when we only had about an hour before the taxi was to show up. We need to coordinate with him but he knows the issue well with the system and said if we had called on Saturday we would be fixed by now but since the boat will be hauls out and he wants to leave it running for a while after the evac and recharge will do so when we get put back in the water. Finally a light at the end of the freezer tunnel.

Also hooked up with Edwin and he said they’d get a move on things later this week or next.

Different Taxi guy showed up and another sailor needed a rude to the airport as well so we shared our cab with her. They are using the fiberglass man that gave us the quote for some work on their monohull as they had heard good things too.

The teak guy came back with the quote was a bit higher than Grenada so probably gonna pass for now.

Off to the airport. Little over 2hrs to get from Rodney Bay Marina and all checked in through customs and the trek home begins with a stop in Miami and Houston before the drive back to central Texas.

The lady at customs said I looked sad. I told her it was because I was leaving but she shouldn’t worry as there are lots st Lucia stamps in my passport and would be back soon.

Some call it work

Friday turned into a party instead of a repair day. Turns out that Friday was the 34 th celebration of St Lucia’s independence so all the stores were closed. So as they say “best laid plans”.

Well it’s Friday after all and that means jump up St Lucia style. So jump we did after a bite of pizza. Always fun and exciting. Did not diss appoint with street dancing and food from the street vendors. Long story short Shawn and I got separated when we got back to the marina. I waited diligently at the bar for him before meeting so islanders who lived close by and took me to a bar where the locals hang out. Well we walked there it wasn’t too far but by 4am it was all I could do to shoot a game of pool. Seems 24 hrs awake does not promote great pool playing so I busted on out of there for the 2ish mile walk(er stumble) back to the marina.

I got to the pier security gate and the security guard was no where in sight and I had no idea on how to past the locked gate. All day long there was a guard there to open the door for you. Not so much at 4 am. I waited. Looked around. Pondered the predicament. Didn’t really want to jump in the water to by pass the gate either. There was a local boat close by so I pulled it a bit closer and stood on the bow and went right past the security gate to the other side and slept on the Sugar Shack’s trampoline till it got too cold. M

Long day and no boat supplies or work was accomplished.