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Bora Bora the quintessential exotic location

Our last night in French Polynesia would be remiss without yet one more trip to Bora Bora on the way out. Since the weather isn’t really matching what the forecasts are calling for we may postpone the departure yet again.

If not we will be under way at sea for about 2 weeks, nothing but water and wind and whatever the weather brings. Here is hoping its nice weather.

We have a nice sail over today, and were rewarded again with beautiful clear waters and a view of the Bora Bora mountain.

I think Bora Bora is one of those quintessential places we have all built up in our minds and the super exotic. Now that we have that covered, Pago Pago next? Or perhaps Bali? We will be sailing past Pago Pago on the way to Fiji, but with the Covid stuff, not 100% we are allowed to stop. One more thing to check while we have internet.