Monthly Archives: July 2010

Greece bound

Early rise to be at the ferrydock at 8am. Taksi came on time and met us at the end of Alpha pier. Ferry ride was mundane for us but lots of others were not as lucky. Saw lots of sea sickness bags getting distributed.

Easy customs clearance. Asked about where our hotel was and it was in the old town of rhodes. It was sort of within walking distance,that and taxis were not allowed in the old town during the day. So a hike it was going to be with a less than spectacular google map print out.

Asked a couple of people, made a few wrong turns and still almost walked past it. Old town Rhodes is a city within a wall with cobblestone streets and stone walkways. Some girls were somehow making high heels work. Our room wasn’t ready but we could leave our bags there and off to find lunch.

Really cool town lots of alleyways but they were all tourist shops and some bar restaurants. We walked all over the place. Then our room was available so we went to put our bags in the room.

Room that word does not define an space that small. Two single beds and a cot and a bathroom with which is smaller than the one on the boat. We can make due and it is right in the middle of the town. There two cruiseships also in port so that probably explains a lot of the crowd.

Sunday – times almost up

Slow for the boys to get going, Christine on the otherhand cleaned the entire inside of the boat. Changed the sheets, mopped the floors, and the bathrooms. While I read and reread the spectra watermaker manual. We needed to re-pickle the watermaker membrane. The chemicals needed to be mixed with water withou chlorine and since we filled the tanks with marina water so that ruled out tank water. We went to the store and bought some distiller water the night before for the task. Now just to find all the right valves and buttons. In the end everything looked like it worked the solution ran through the system so task completed.

Now it’s early afternoon little only a little wind but the two catamarans were still on pier where we were. But our ferry leaves in the morning. We head over to the marina call the marineros and they came and met us and quickly ran off looking for a space for us while we followed. Then they turned around and came back toward us asking how long we were going to be there as they were still full. The only spot they had was to double up on another cat. So we put ALL our fenders out and motored up slowly and rafter up to a similar sized cat without issues. The bow line was tied to a Beneteau that’s stern tied in front and the cat on the starboard side.

Ran hoses over the cat and washed ours down, put on winch covers,covered the dingy etc. Christine took care of some last minute office details.