Monthly Archives: May 2012


Most everyone who reads our posts realizes that Matt writes under “Christine”, still not sure why, but this is really Christine. Today was the reason why I fell in love with sailing. A neighboring boat came to greet us. They were from Cali and Lake Tahoe, super nice folks. Mike owns place called Mountain Mike’s and has a Santa Cruz 50. It was fun showing off the Sugar Shack, but I would have loved to have cleaned up a bit! Poor Wayne had to drag himself and his hangover out of bed before our new friends descended on his cabin, but we enjoyed swapping stories and sharing ports.

We had a perfect downwind run from Petite St Vincent (a new island for us) to Carriacou. We could have run the spinnaker, but with a short run we opted for the jib and managed to pull 6-7 knots out of 10-12 knots of wind. It was lovely and I took full advantage by laying out on the deck and watched the flying fish and islands pass by. Loved today, it was perfect sailing. It is all about the journey, not the destination. So different from my land life!

We arrived to the island of Carriaciu and Matt cleared us into the Country of Grenada only to find out it is a holiday today, Witt day (not what we celebrate as Memorial day) I need to look that one up! Anyway, as Matt made lunch I sailed us in to Salt Island with 20 knots of wind. The first mooring ball had no painter or “eye” so we moved to the next one and easily captured it and secured our bridle. Wayne is good with the “hooker”!

Nice lazy project day. Slept a little, drank a little, finished up some projects on board (fixed bow, port lights, cushions, and port rear cabin fan-Matt is so darn handy) and watched the marine services check other mooring balls (nice to know they do this as we saw 2 moorings give way in January). It was interesting that they spent so much time “talking” or working on a holiday, but they were nice enough and collected the 25 EC fee for the mooring ball.

Matt has not been blogging as much as usual as I have been hogging the iPad for email, work, and reading. But he had a shot of me sewing new helm leather covers. The port side went on great, only took about 4+ hours to stick hundreds of stitches around the wheel. The Starboard side sucked! The company sent me two different widths, even though the package said they were for 1″ wheel, it did not fit, after hours of stretching, blisters, and soaked leather we just sewed it on for the time being. It stinks knowing I will have to rip out all,those threads and replace it in December, but what you can you do?

Matt made a great pasta with chicken and veggies as I cleaned up some cabinets. Some how we got the freezer to make ice, it had been on the fritz, and Wayne made me some blended drinks with our left over bananas and raspberries-yum!

Cool breeze flowing thought the boat, no emails to work on, full belly, and lots of stars out! Boys are playing dominoes without me so I need to hop off.

Thank God for this blessed day!