Monthly Archives: October 2010

On the Hard for Maintenance / Upgrades

What a difference it makes talking to people while you are there. TMS Yacht services is right on the ball getting the repair work we had tried to get scheduled since the sea trial.

The Rudder Swivel bearing is getting replaced so Sugar Shack is on the HARD to make it easier. TMS sent us some pictures of the Sugar Shack on the hard and the details as the bearing is being replaced.

The heater through hulls will also get replaced which should make the heating system operational again. (not that you really need a diesel fired heating system in the tropics, but we do want all systems on the boat working correctly)

Next up after that is to finish the sail bag with the Sugar Shack name, and the interior sea-foam green will be replaced with new AlCantera tan synthetic leather like material. Should tone down that interior quite a bit.

While we were there, we also knocked out all the insurance requirements based on the survey.

  • Replaced the Starboard Starting battery
  • Replaced all the fire extinguishers with fresh ones
  • Added the battery post protective covers
  • Replaced the man overboard light that lights if the boat is upside down, 10years of corrosion and saltwater didn’t do it justice