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Puss an suits

Long travel day deserves to be rewarded with a vodka drink and our favorite pizza place! Not sure if it is because we are so tired, hungry, little high from being back, or that the pizza is that good–but it is! Of course the chef is Italian!

Some of you may know that the sandman and I have been fighting. But last night he gloriously sprinkled his magic sleeping dust on me and I slept 8 hours!!!! It’s been months since I slept so well!

Could have been the lovin a new friend–Pus! And yes, that is that cat’s name who sat on my lap for almost an hour.


On the lime

Beautiful morning. Slept like a baby on a superior waterbed (need to be from Houston in the 80s for that reference ).

As we had no place to go, but lots to clean up / put away on the boat. Wayne and I slapped the Jib up, and enlisted Christine to do the heavy lifting – cranking the halyard raising the foresail.

We realized we had forgot to turn in the hotel key, not the credit card type, the real key. So we knew we had to go to shore. Scoring keys and items in the islands is 100% times more difficult than running down to your local home-depot and we would really like to be allowed back to the la sagesse nature park next year.

Christine cleaned la sagesseand stored the interior, Wayne and I looked busy outside till about 11:30 when it was time to go ashore to see about lunch and a drop off the garbage and hotel key. We got to the beach bar and were informed that the cook had just gone on break for lunch, and will be back around 12:30. Well its Island time and everyone has to eat. So we did what most folks do at the bar till we could get some lunch.

All was good, we had a snack, and finalized some silly insurance paperwork. Christine was proactive in doing the survey and sending off the paper work along with the rigging survey which was not due until April and they demanded that we do both “A” and “B” suggestions prior to moving the boat – teach us to be proactive (normally they’d require just “A” items, but they requested. We headed round the island with the Grenada sculpture gardens as the destination. All was going well when Wayne and Christine smelled something funny. The starboard engine was running hot, and wasn’t spewing water overboard as it should. A quick diagnosis and a 30 min repair job and the impeller was replaced and all is good. Wayne did the repair, Christine drove, I had a beer and handed Wayne the tools and set the jib. Yes we actually used the sails to sail around the bottom of Grenada today.

Chicken and Pasta for dinner, with a italian salad for desert. I guess it depends on when you have the salad, it could be appetizer or desert, we didn’t want to wash more dishes so it was desert.

All is good, heading north tomorrow, thinkiǪ*we 1”Als in the anoO3Lbf

Good morning Grenada


Such a nice cool morning, the gentle breezes last night and kept us cool and so far so good.

Got a little more organizing to do on the boat then we’ll start to make a plan for a direction, in no hurry to get anywhere today. Maybe some breakfast and sunblock, but thats about all that is on the agenda so far.