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Some place like home

No place feels so nice as Chatham Bay, where people remember you (or at least say they do) but always makes you feel welcome. From dinner with Vanessa and Seki, still struggling with how you spell Sooki’s name, or King down at the fancy future resort, Chatham bay is so relaxing.

Now its not a perfect anchorage, as 2 Christmas ago, that Lagoon Catamaran got washed up on shore during the howling winds. The swirly winds that come over the mountain tops keep you on your toes, making sure everything is secure and won’t blow into the drink. We have probably circled our anchor no less than 30 times, giving us a 360 degree view without even leaving the lounge location de jour.

Even tho we have been here 6 or 7 times, which probably only adds up to 20+ days, this place is sure nice. We had been swimming many times, but yesterday decided to go snorkeling on the far end of bay, but instead of taking the dingy as there wasn’t much swell or wave action, just jumped off the boat and swam to the north end of the bay. The bay is always teaming with fish jumping and all around the boat, but the school of fish over there was amazing. Several thousand fish school, not sure what they were learning but there must have been a teacher in there somewhere as they expertly parted when we swam through them. We also saw schools of squid, squid of all sizes fro a couple inches to more than a foot long, just hovering in the water, effortlessly. Countless feather dusters that are always fun to scare back in to their tubes, and one very odd looking one. The odd guy had wings and there normally closed but as I dove down to get a closer look they spread into a 2 foot blue wing span, so I backed off. Chatting with King, its some sort of lion fish with no enemies and is a nuisance to the other fish, except when we spotted him he was just patting the ground and looked like stirring up the sea bed for dinner. Then Christine spotted an Eel, I dove on in many times, but couldn’t find a hole where I could see its head, just the long slender body. Great place for creature viewing, getting a little chilled we swam back to the beach.

Walked the entire length of the beach, and stopped in to chat with King and of course the kitty with a cold beverage, then we swam back to the boat. So we swam the length of the bay and walked the length all in one day, catching up on some exercise or making the cold beverage mush more deserved.

Back onboard after finding many sand dollars and an old straw hat on the bottom on the way back we lounged on the lido deck and enjoyed the cool breezes and warm swirlies and snacks.

As we were sitting at the Aqua Paradise bar chatting with King where they had hawaiian pork on the menu dinner inspiration hit. We had already started the pork chops thawing, and we had a pinapple that needed to be carved, and on a previous trip, i had picked up hawaiian seasoning, we were in business and at like kings on grilled pork-chops, grilled pineapple, gouda garlic smashed pototoes and some peas for good green stuff.

A couple heated games of dominos, and all was right with the universe.

The freezer is working perfectly, everything is frozen – The gauge is still on the fritz but thats a problem for some other time, its probably just using more electricity than it really needs and staying on 100% of the time. Still having some issues with the port starting battery, its either not staying charged or getting charged the battery reads a 5volts it should read 12volts – attempted to diagnose it, but the little multimeter only does 10amp, and the alternators are somewhere in the 60-100amp range. Its not a big issue as we can always use the house bank to start the engine. The new development or thing to get fixed in Grenada is when we were getting off anchor in the Keys the other day the hook was stuck and we were blown back pretty good which when everything tightened up broke the chain guide in the chain locker. It was fixed before by the previous owner, and hopefully grenada marine will do a much better job. I think a piece of wood that supported the guide just snapped, it should not be an issue, we just need to make sure we don’t use the windless to pull the boat forward and all will still line up.

When we arrived we were making water and a boat anchored a bit close to us, so instead of running with engines for electricity, opted for the honda generator to fully charge the house battery and make water and then we left the boat, we came back to a full port tank, so swapping to starboard we were almost topped off on all our resources.

Plan for today is to clear out of customs, stop by palm island walk those beaches, never been there before, and then head to the Petites, and stage for our long day on thursday as the boat gets hauled out on friday. If all goes well, wind cooperates we will head down the Atlantic side of Grenada and clear into customs in St Davids bay, where Grenada Marine is. And the sad decommissioning will start, but thats several cold beverages away.

Cinco de Mateo

Happy birthday to Matt! The boys slept in and started the beautiful day slowly. After a pancake breakfast we decided to make a plan for the day. Since we water logged our remote we had to go to plan B and use our remote for the main. Luckily we were able to get our anchor up, get out of the bay and head toward Union Island. We were heading back to another favorite bay called Chathom to dine with our friends Vanessa and Sookie. We have had the pleasure of eating at their hut several times and are always anxious to return. An easy motor sail into the bay, crazy winds and tides all over so I relinquished the helm to Matt and assisted Wayne with the anchoring. Vanessa came to take our dinner reservation and we headed over to Aqua Bar and Grille to capture the internet code and have a few frothy ones. Little Deerin, the cat below became my fast friend!

King at the Aqua Bar and Grille makes mean pina colada’s. Not normally one of my drinks, but 2 in I was out for a nap. I awoke to some fabulous jerk chicken wings which to my surprise I ate heartily. After a bit of relaxing, I made some sugar cookies, we all took a quick shower and headed over to Vanessa’s. It was a lively crowd with 8 folks from the U.S. and a few others from France. Of course I got to talking to the U.S. folks and discovered they are from Chicago (gave me some great tips for my upcoming girl’s trip) and we shared boating chatter about insurance, health care, paint). They were lovely and we hope to stay in communication with them. Vanessa out did herself as usual and prepared creole conch, mahi mahi, bread fruit, pumpkin rice, salad, and plantains. It was a hearty, fantastic meal. Back to the colorful boat (Matt connected our LED lights so we were lighting up the bay), enjoyed some sugar cookies, gave Matt his last gift (we had been peppering him with gifts throughout the trip) and enjoyed a night under the starss.