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Green Island

Gunboat Island

Gunboat Island is a beautiful little island surrounded by reefs making it challenging to get to but worth the risk.  We navigated through the reefs, using the Bauhaus charts with Matt at the helm and me at the bow.   We were the only boat here, giving us a 360-degree view of the San Blas islands.

Green Island

Green Island

Not sure how Gunboat got its name, because we have not seen a gun boat south of St. Barths.  But, none the less, it is a pretty little island with three small huts and one large communal hut.  They do a tour excursions here where you can by a package that includes your ride to the island, your accommodations and 3 meals a day.

It was a peaceful and pleasant evening out on the lido deck as the sun set over our late lunch or early dinner of pulled pork pizza.

A strong storm passed through in the night causing Sugar Shack to do circles around her anchor.  Matt was up and down most of the night ensuring we were not over the reefs.  Lucky for us, we are the only ones here and were able to anchor smack in the middle of the anchorage away from the reefs that surround the Gunboat anchorage.

The next morning started out gloomy and overcast.  The sun was playing hide and seek as we tried to dry everything out.  We were greeted by two Kuna selling molas – unfortunately for them we had already bought one. But they were very nice, showed us their molas and jewelry, asked for candy and were on their way.

Certainly an island we will come back to as it is so picturesque.

Lovin Gunboat:

  • Crystal clear blue waters
  • Reefs to snorkel
  • Clean and friendly beach