Pt Martinique

Here is the other perspective to Matt’s blog below…Matt has a tendency to “wonder” (we need one of those harness leashes on him) and as Wayne and I were at the store, we came out to find him gone. We had mentioned we wanted to follow the road until it dead ends so we thought he would either catch up or meet up with us from the beach. We had money and water (we win). Wayne and I chatted with the very many goats and a few super cool locals along our little walk. We came to a little impasse that looked like the end of the beach so I walked down to the beach to see if I could see Matt. We had seen a guy in a red shirt a few steps back and assumed it was him but when I got to the beach, there were only 3 men fishing (one in a red shirt). Oh well, he will find us–he always does. We just had to take a photo of the strange baby in the tree (see below). We walked west around the island until the road ran out and climbed up a big hill to overlook the ocean which was majestic. At this point, we thought it best to turn around and try to find Matt to hydrate him, so we headed back to the store/dingy dock. We made it back having drank more than 1/2 of the 1.5 litter of water (it is hot), walked down to the store, the dock, and still no Matt so we decided to keep walking around the other side of the island until that road ran out. Still no sign of Matt so we decided to head back to the bar. On the way back we stopped in Matthew’s shopping center with a grocery store and gift shop. No sprite zero or Shandy’s for me, but found some 1664 for the boys. Picked up a cold one for Matt with the hopes of finding him some day. We headed to the bar, decided to walk down and peer at the pier and low and behold a man in a red shirt waiting for us. He came at us at almost a gallop, which was funny. I handed him his luke warm beer and we headed to the bar. My fitbit measured 10,674 steps!




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