Dinghy Dock Bar

Hung out here yesterday for some cold beverages and food and had a great time. Kendall served us with an amazing personality and humor so we decided to come back again today for a late afternoon snack. There is a man at the bar talking malpractice insurance with the bar tender (not in a good way) and I was tempted to intrude, but decided not to as he is loud and boisterous and not being “reasonable”–so I passed. But funny being so far from home and still wanting to pimp my company.

We have been busy today, the boys cleaned out both peaks, sealed some leaks, hung our tiller, removed some old hoses and teak. Managed to use lots of 5200, corrosion X, and Ospho on the stainless and chrome. We cleaned our life vests, passeralie (gang plank), and cleaned and labeled our fenders. While I cleaned out all of the cabinets, drawers, cubby holes with “Fantastic” and water/vinegar solution on the port side and galley. Reorganized all the cabinets, because that is what I do! It feels good to be organized, clean, and ready for the next trip. Yesterday we found an eco friendly laundry facility that took our 12 kilos of dirty laundry and hopefully it will be ready tomorrow at 10 where we will give them our last load. Still have the fridge and freezer to defrost and clean and of course the entire Starboard side. Good news is that the cabinets/drawers have been cleaned and organized and now it is just the exterior portion.

Tomorrow will be last minute cleaning, drying, and stowing of all items. We will need to reposition the boat as we are not comfortable with our current dockage. Hopefully, we will reset the mooring ball (so the anchor and mooring will not be in the same position), place chain around the cement dock pilings (instead of our line which will disintegrate if left in their current position), and add our springs to the chains to take some of the pressure off the lines. Maybe with the repositioning I will feel comfortable, but right now, not so much. We are thinking that we will hail a cab (not sure how that will go) and head over to Sunset beach bar by the airport tomorrow afternoon.

Even in this harbor we are blessed with a array of diamonds sparkling in the sky – it is hard not to be inspired!

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