Funny comment.

As we were liming the day away, a storm was blowing in. By storm I mean 6 minutes of hard core rain. The folks on the Yellow beach were worried, everyone was packing up. Many dinghies heard people on and off the islands in boat loads.

On the second dingy ride of 30+ people, we over heard”

“Hey, there’s Sugar Shack, thats where we were getting our WiFi”. Almost yelled back, you are welcome, but I too was hiding from the rain storm and had been on shore using the bar’s WiFi and had left Sugar Shack connected to some place far far away, but was doing what it was supposed to. Provide WiFi hops for everyeone. Checked the stats, 200Mb was uploaded while we were gone. Sweet, love a good pirate.

Pasta and chicken and Mackeral for dinner, twas okay, need more skills on the fish side, and or more provisions at the end of the trip.


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