Motivation and winding down

Great day. Nothing too exciting. Slow motor out around SXM. Not early. Not late. No fishing. No hurries.

Yup we are winding down, just as the groove gets started.

One more reef to negotiate. Or really three. And then we start the clean up process. Laundry. Boat. Taking down a sail and making sure the sun won’t bake every thing on board while we are gone.

Little sad but its the life we live. Back to work till the next adventure. We need as much vacations as the Europeans. Summers off or something would make getting into a groove a bit easier. This was a big trip. We covered most of the windward and leeward islands in a couple if weeks. Not nearly enough time to enjoy any one spot but some new stomping grounds we haven’t been to in years. Fun times even if our foul weather gear is still drying.

Tomorrow we head to oyster pond. Crazy enterence with breaking waves and reefs to negotiate. Then 2 days to dry stuff out and put it all away. Not the livers, don’t be silly. Put one line(rope) away. One beer as a reward. See how this goes. Hence why it might take 2 days to stash all the working sheets(ropes).

Almost out of food. Much better planning than years past. When the freezer quit it taught us a plan food better given fresh fish and the trips a shore. Right now we have lunches, 3 pizza and a meal of tuna. And lots of snacks. Looking good to wind if on down.


Finally starting to get some color and learning how this panorama thing works.

Happy first Friday of the year y’all.

2 thoughts on “Motivation and winding down

  1. kimberly

    HI there Sailors and Sailorettes,

    We missed the sunshine and adventure…our Christmas was ass cold, like 26 degrees cold but it did snow twice and the boys loved every drop. We did our fair of drinking, but
    missed you sister.
    Happy Trails home and love to all them boys!
    sissy and Troy

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