Slackers we are not – busy

Wow, sunday fun day. Slept in for what seemed like an eternity on a boat, then a child started screaming bloody murder. No not on our boat, nor not really a child at all, it came in rhythmetic sequences, the moorings and sunsail marina was just across the way from the dock we were on and it was time to do some fiberglass trimming. So by slept in I mean 7:38am the sun had been up, I tried to stay asleep, but the child, er fiberglass repair was not having any of it. So.. the day begins.

Dress the baby, pull off all her covers and let the sails breath is the order of the day, so much to do, seems like it’ll never be ready. So we tackle one thing that leads to 12. Starting to uncover the main sail, leads to a trip up the mast to fix the lazy jacks that just parted ways. On the bright side, I got the measurements I was needing to finish replacing the lazy jacks.

Uncovered the dingy, all good there, but a little deflated, so I pumped her up with air – easy task. Dropping the dingy in the water to do that task envolved dropping past the stern cross lines that are keeping the shack from swinging side to side. A push here, a tug there and its finally in the water, but no engine. So we stab the outboard, sailor speak for taking that sharp propellor and engine and attempting to mount it on transom without dropping it overboard, again perfect success. Fired up on second pull, awesome. Took it for a spin, not so awesome, only firing on one of two spark plugs, has happened before and I brought spares, but Wayne decided to tackle that and just cleaned the old ones and re-installed them, seemed to be much better. Call it a sucess, so a beer is deserverd. Just as it is after any small task. So the day goes.

Started the big engines, no problem. Put the jib sail up, not much wind so no problem, we know the wind is not in our favor but we pretend we will sail soon.

Christine unpacks our luggage and puts the interior of the boat together so its not a ramshackle of stuff everwhere. That takes at least as long as everything going on outside with uncovering and making a mess outside.

A break for lunch, we think its breakfast, but well close to noon. So thats 5 oclock somewhere, and somewhere is where we are. We hike to the top of the hill to grab breakfast outside the marina, but that place is closed so the second part of the plan was a small provision run. We continued to the small but well stocked grocery, looked around had just about everything in small portions. Stepped outside to try the restarunt next door, but its only open for the occasional dinner. Back to the grocery to buy just what we could carry back to the boat, then the nice lady offers to drive us back to the marina. Score, we load up on cases of water, beer and mixers – oh and some food too. A couple proteins and pasta type things to hold us over till we make it St Barts where we know of a grocery close to the dingy dock.

Back to the boat, we still have to carry our goods 1/8 of a mile but much better than the full mile. Still starving as being unsuccessful at breakfast/lunch but drop off our golden items to that when we get back the presidente beer will be cold. Turn on the freezer and put the proteins in the freezer. Leave to the Dingy dock for lunch.

Des’s Dingy Dock, most awesome food. The Grouper wrapped Shrimp and the rack of SXM ribs were awesome. The cold beverages were good too. Would recommend Des’s in Oyster Pond, we met the chef and thanked her for the great grub.

Did I mention they pour strong drinks in the islands.

Back to the boat, the work continues, putting things away, uncovering stuff, trying to see if our 75 feet of hose would reach the faucet, only one water tank would reach, unable to rinse the boat, fill the starboard side but its all good. Changed out the interior salon speakers, stored lots. Beer is good.

Christine wore herself out, and took a little nap. Wayne and I continued to puts, put the fishing poles up. Checked the diesel, talked about getting out of here and a plan to get away from the dock. We are med-moored, meaning our anchor is on the bottom and our stern is tied to a dock, or lines have been in the water for 5 months, lots of growth, nasty, nasty nasty. So I spend a few hours getting squirted by the muscles and what not trying to clean up the lines for our eventual departure. Started with a brush but moved on to a putty knife, I stunk. Like I imagine the Lockness monster to smell. It was worth it, but not a fun task.

When Christine woke, we made a plan to have some appetizers for dinner and possible departure monday morning.

Twas a good day, lots of projects/work accomplished, some naps, so plans lots of sun.

Getting anxious to get out of the bay tho.

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