Museum Day and a Step Back into History

Panama city is full of museums. But, I am not much of a  museum girl.  However,  it’d be a shame to miss out on local history. Aftet asking around, the three most popular places are: Panama Canal Museum, the Bio Museum, and the Smithsonian Punta Culebra Nature Center.

Matt and I already visited the Panama Canal Museum in Casco Viejo which was historical and interesting. The Smithsonian was close with a great frog exhibit and the Bio Museum was inside a cool shaped building.

Matt had projects to work on, so our friends, Mark and Angie on “Uno Mas” came with me on this adventure.  We hopped on the bus, which conveniently dropped us off right in front of the Frank Gehry’s Bio Museum. This is one of the most unique buildings I’ve ever seen. From afar, it looks like a giant, colorful bouncy house.  But up close it looks like many different structures smashed together.

The building was designed to tell the story of how the isthmus of Panama rose from the sea. Thus uniting two continents and changing the planet’s biodiversity forever.

Angie and I in front of the Bio Museum

Angie and I in front of the Bio Museum

It was a little surprising to find out that the entry fee was $10 for locals and $18 for non-residents.  It seemed super pricey to me, but we forged ahead.  The Biomuseo’s permanent exhibition is titled Panama: Bridge of Life. Eight galleries tell you about the origin of the Panamanian isthmus and its gigantic impact on the planet’s biodiversity.

The Uuseum shows you the magni

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