Getting Closer by the Mile

Under 300 miles to go, it’s going to be close if we arrive in time to celebrate New Years in the harbor/marina (it will probably be too late to clear customs) or will we have to float around till daylight to find the marina.
Need just a little more wind from a favorable direction to arrive in the daylight.
All onboard are doing well. Shift changes still on Galapagos time, by time we reach land there will be a 3 hr time difference and much longer days, I think sunset is 9pm local time with sun rise at 6:30am. I foresee a few long sleeps in our future to adjust
Happy New Years from the Southern Hemisphere. Bringing the new year in a new place. Cheers.

1 thought on “Getting Closer by the Mile

  1. Jeannie

    Very excited.
    Keeping track of you closely.
    Looking forward to your final destination. Its SO close!

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