Realtime Passage to Chile #07

Day 10.
Wow what a few hours difference makes, after the last report the squalls appeared. Winds and waves were not fun, but we had learned our lesson again and were prepared. We started the night shift heavily reefed, 2 reefs in the main and 2 in the jib, so not much canvas up. When the squalls appeared and blew in the low 30s we just turned slightly into the wind for several minutes or half an hour, and then back on course.
As Saturday started the anticipated left turn was put on hold as we needed to go farther south before making the turn. So we planned to turn Sunday morning. But as all plans are subject to change, its now Midnight and we have started our initial descent into the Chilean area. Well this is the first of a couple tacks to get us to our destination. We are going to try and cut the corner a bit. Fingers crossed and weather double checked, but still hoping it works out. Right after we tacked a nice lift from a dark cloud was very promising, only to be followed by the next one that sent us on a course back north for 10 mins. After those passed we are back on pseudo course and its looking okay so far.
I was ready to raise the dagger boards and have the winds come at the boat from the side, a beam reach, but we are still heading into the wind for the next day or two as we have to still make it a bit further south, 2 more degrees, or 120 miles south to go.
Best news of the day: The inverter came back to life?!?!? Huh, How? WTF? Had turned it off/on/off at the breaker for testing when it stopped working. Had left the breaker off for 2 days as a long shot after giving up. As we were just sailing along, decided to give it a shot and flipped the breaker back on and turned on the inverter. Just like that the panel lit up WITHOUT the ‘failure’ light, and looked like it should be working. Turned on the circuit plugs and there was no power, but remembered that I has also turned off the output breaker, switched that on and we are back in business. Some things just don’t make sense some times but we have to accept them. The owners manual didn’t have the ‘light sequence’ that was showing as ‘fault code’ so maybe it was just a momentary ‘failure’..
Second best news, the word must be out or at least spreading in the schools. The flying fish are getting smarter about where they land in the night. Morning counts are down to 10% of what they once were, so either they are learning and telling their friends or we are reducing the population significantly and will be able to offer our own ‘Endemic’ flying fish tours in the near future.
Happy Holiday season from miles and miles away, at lest 1000 miles from land in every direction.
Started with 1765 miles till the destination, now 1075 miles to go ( which should start to drop faster now ).
At 12/23/2018 @ 7:12 AM Our position: 20°22.44’S, 089°32.76’W Traveling 5.0 heading 053T
Google says we are here,-89.54600

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