Realtime Passage to Chile #08

New Years or bust.
In the home stretch, coming up on 100 miles to go. And wouldn’t you know it, the wind dies. We had been having a banner day, cruising along at 8knots and bashing into the random wave and then darkness settled in. We left the canvas up to continue the ride, at dark the wind shifted just enough that the wave bashing subsided. However the shift had us pointing a bit away from our mark, only about 45 degrees away. We let it ride, only to find about an hour into it, “poof” the wind disappeared, down to 3knots. On come the motors and we are pushing along at 6knots trying to make the port in “daylight” hours, tho it doesn’t look promising at this point.
We have contacted the authorities and warned them of our arrival as well as the marina manager and requested a mooring as there isn’t really a ‘marina’ there.
With the time zone changes, we might be arriving after new years. 🙁
All good on board, just everyone is tired. Dreading the first foot on solid ground. Pretty sure we might fall over after moving for 2 1/2 weeks. We have had a little of everything on this trip. Sun, rain, waves, winds – tho nothing very strong, no winds, birds, fish, sun, moon, stars and of course clouds and squalls. Its not over yet, but its getting closer. The boat is a salty mess, probably going to go through a few tanks of fresh water to rinse off the layers and restore order to our chaos.
ps. when I sent the notification to the officials I had neglected to tell them what time zone my estimates were in, so the 5pm estimate (which we won’t make) was Galapagos time, which is 8pm Chilean time. Details .. details. We will have to send an update in the morning when we get closer.
For now, Happy New Year
Started with 1765 miles till the destination, 122 miles to go and now we are a crow, with the motors pushing a straight line.
At 12/31/2018 @ 8:54 AM Our position: 22°35.05’S, 072°25.59’W Traveling 6.0 heading 122T
Google says we are here,-72.42650

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