Realtime Passage South in Chile to Caldera

Having recovered and stretched our legs in Antofagasta, it was time to move south and explore some more. We left Friday morning after some fun with the local policies of needing a Zarpe (clearance) to move from port to port just like in the Galapagos. International vessels have a slightly different process than the local boater we befriended and helped us through the process. But alas we were free to move about the country so long as its only where are Zarpe says we can go, thus the next port and only the next port.
Forecast: Nothing much, no wind 5 knots, barely any waves of course what waves and wind there is was on the nose as we head south.
Arturo of the marina came over and helped us untie from the moorings and lead us out of the harbor and wished us a safe journey. The way in and out of the harbor is to line up the street directly to the right of the pier as you high range marker. Keeps you between the jetties and shoals on both sides outside of the break water. Super nice folks at the “Club De Yates” (Yacht club) Its their summer so kids were learning to sail/kayak/swim most of the time we were there.
With only 5 knots of wind and glassy seas, we didn’t even raise the main and just used the engines and waited till the water cleaned up and made water topping up the tanks. Few ships on the AIS screen, mostly much farther away from shore than we are. Beautiful mountains even if they are part of the desert create the coast line we were cruising down. We are heading for a place called “Caldera” supposed to be another ‘tranquil’ bay with some decent protection from the waves when they come. It looked good from the window on the airplane ride to Santiago.
Saturday was just more of the same, beautiful sunny day, glassy ocean, hardly any wind or boats just birds and sea lions and dolphins playing. Thought I saw a whale in the distance but only spotted it once so can’t confirm it.
As we don’t want to arrive at dark we slowed way down, stopped one engine and pulled the other way back just cruising along to arrive at day break. Made all the water we can use, washed the boat with fresh water and made more fresh water after that. Made some pre-cooked meals for later passages, tried some new soups we picked up in the Chilean grocery store and consumed a lot of fruits.
Back in the states I vaguely remember the packaging saying “product of Chile” – and yes, this is where those fresh fruits come from. Lots of grapes, nectarines, dried grapes (raisins), Melons, tangerines and avocados. We found the local produce market in Antofagasta so we stocked up. The bananas come from Ecuador tho.
All good here, just puttering along at 3-4 knots waiting to arrive ‘Caldera’ in the morning and go see what this town has to offer. As Antofagasta was the ‘perl of the north’ and second largest city in Chile our next stops will be in much smaller ports/cities.
Off to explore in the morning, after we check in with the authorities and let them know we are where we should be. 🙂
At 1/27/2019 @ 1:08 AM Our position: 26°35.61’S, 070°51.26’W Traveling 3.3 heading 199T
Google says we are here,-70.85433

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