Realtime Passage South in Chile to Valdivia part deux

sWell sWell sWell.
Leaving the anchorage is sweet, running out into the chaos is not. Out the channel between the islands, incoming current, waves and wind. The trifecta of uncomfortable, almost turned back but finally broke past the chaotic pounding and got settled into a rhythmic pounding. Well past where we turned around. Still slow going but all is well. Foggy, and dodging 70 meter fishing boats in the dark with 34 knots of wind on the nose and when they do not respond on the radio makes for a long night. Started with 160 miles to go, have traveled 133 miles with still 60 miles to go, very efficient we are NOT when beating.
We found a little groove during the day, the winds came down a bit, and we could see the wave direction in the daylight and picked an angle to “skate” over the waves made for a much more comfortable daylight trip. We hugged the shoreline, trying to keep the main sail full, currents played havoc on our southbound progress. The fog did not lift till dinner time, just in time to see the Mocha island as we went by. There was a cruise ship on the other side of Mocha that was bound for Punta Arenas. One of the very southern most parts of Chile. We would need more clothes to go that far south.
New favorite meal, pulled pork over a baked sweet potato. Pressure cooker style of course.
One more night to go. We will arrive at the mouth of the river bright and early in the morning then its about 2 hours up the river to the “club de yates” where we will make home base for a bit and provision for the run west. And wash the salt spray off everything. And see what Valdivia is all about.
They say “head south till the butter melts then turn right”, we are heading south but we have New Zealand butter in a can, how can you tell when it melts?
They say “gentlemen don’t go to weather” Well this trip south has proved that I’m no gentlemen, and we are ready for some downwind sails. Or course knowing our history, somehow someway there will only be upwind sailing as we head west.
Onward through the fog, all good on board Cheers and Happy Friday.
At 3/1/2019 @ 1:25 AM UTC Our position: 38°54.02’S, 073°36.00’W Traveling 6.0 heading 170T
Google says we are here,-73.60000

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