Realtime Passage to Easter Island #01

The treasures of Robinson Crusoe Island have been discovered and are being taken with us to help solve the secrets of Easter Island.
Took a day off of treasure hunting to relax before heading 1624 miles westward toward Easter Island. The wind slowed down in the anchorage enough to letting you think it was going to be a calm day. The sun was even peeking out between the clouds. A boat we saw in Valdivia showed up in the anchorage this morning, we shouted hello and goodbye as we raised anchor and they were heading ashore to clear in.
In the lee (shadow) of the island we raised the main and dodged the many lobster traps set along the shore. As we cleared the island, the winds picked right up where they left off, 25knots with a gust near 30knots. We had the correct sails up and just let it rock along at near 10knots of boat speed. Once cleared of the island effect the winds have settled back down near 20knots. We shall see how it holds for 2 weeks of constant west motion.
There are several ways to track our progress at all have slightly different updates along the way. Quick explanation of them. : follows the other boats out doing the PPJ (Pacific Puddle Jump) so we post daily check-ins there so that they too can keep track of where we are. : Mostly where we get our weather reports (besides our mentor via SSB) Post short updates as we gather updated weather reports SpotMessenger : just tracks us SSB : Position reports every time we connect to get emails or weather.
1608 of 1624 miles left to go. [realtime]
At 3/15/2019 @ 1:55 PM UTC Our position: 33°38.40’S, 078°49.45’W Traveling 0.4 heading 180T
Google says we are here,-78.82417

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