Realtime Passage to Find Robinson Crusoe #02

Day #2 is in the books, all good. The weather forecast was wrong, we expected the wind to push us along, but mother nature had other plans. The wind changed and is coming out of the north so instead of going with the flow, we are once again beating into the wind and waves. The forecasts caught up this morning and we will be doing this till tomorrow. Yes the fingers are crossed.
All in all a good day, single reef in the main and most of the jib flying. No sun, just a gray day. Taking naps between meals and looking out to see a whole lot of water. Some dolphins came to play, found a 20 foot sea weed had snagged the daggerboard, reached almost back to the helm station. Used the boat hook to remove it, took a few tries with out falling overboard. Boat gained some more speed after that. We are not in big hurry so just letting it roll along.
Pulled into Chipotle and got a ‘fajita bowl’ to go, or at least that is what came out of the freezer. One of the meals we made before heading off shore.
Cheers. Says 310miles to Isla Robinson Crusoe (or Juan Fernandez)
At 3/11/2019 @ 12:31 AM UTC Our position: 37°53.07’S, 075°17.32’W Traveling 7.4 heading 328T
Google says we are here,-75.28867

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