Realtime Passage to Find Robinson Crusoe #03

Weather cooperated today.
Overcast and grey still chilly, BUT the WIND changed during the night. After it died, the wind came returned from the south as it was supposed to be coming from.
Spinnaker time for real this morning. Launched it as soon as Christine woke up and its was flying all day. The motion of going with the waves is much nicer than beating against them. Just before sunset we jibbed the spinnaker, moved it to the other side as we were getting a little off course and the wind is expected to shift a bit so rather than doing it in the dark. Got it all setup after a nice bowl of Gumbo, not from scratch but decent.
Our ship count for yesterday was a big fat zero. Nothing on AIS, no lights on the horizon, nothing but a few sea lions and a few dolphins to keep us company.
All is good, 175 miles to go. So that puts us again arriving at oh-dark-thirty. No matter what we do we always seem to arrive in the dark. So we will most likely slow down to try for an 8am arrival.
It is warming up, but the butter is not melting yet.
At 3/12/2019 @ 12:16 AM UTC Our position: 35°56.87’S, 076°41.81’W Traveling 6.3 heading 308T
Google says we are here,-76.69683

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