Passage to Gambiers #08

Day #8
Spinnaker run most of the day, light winds and organized seas. A great day to coast along. Waited to raise the spinnaker till the morning clouds/showers had made themselves scarce. Set without issues, only tied one sheet, left the lazy sheet of because we hardly every jibe the spinnaker. So you know that means today we needed to when the wind shifted and drug us 40 degrees off course. The optimist in me tried to wait out the return shift. An hour goes by and its not coming back, infact we are catching the dark clouds that prompted the off course wind. Okay fine, we’ll jibe it. Pulled it down, tied the missing lazy sheet, then it clicked. The off-course wasn’t opposite sides of the boat as the wind shifted, just came from the beam of the boat. So no need to re set the spinnaker, back to working sails. Doh. 8knots of wind and we barely make 4 knots of boat speed, up and down the swell.
Forecast says the winds die further tomorrow and the next day. Well I guess we will resort to motoring a bit. We should have plenty of diesel to motor the last miles but its close, another day sailing would have given a more comforting feeling. We shall see if we decide to just float around for a bit, or power on through for 2 days. Or better yet the forecast changes some. 🙂
All good on board. Topped up the water tanks, down to the last apple. Still have some green bananas that are taking their time ripening up. Taters/Onions/Garlic are still in good supply, still eating and snacking alot between napping.
Wait is it Day8? We left on Sunday, its Sunday now.. maybe my math is off.. oh well, must just be an ‘off by one’ programming error. Have also noticed that some posts haven’t made the blog as well. Trying to figure that out, have re-sent one and it appears to have gone through. Investigation might have to be once we have internet again.
452 of 1414 miles left to go. [realtime]
At 4/8/2019 @ 2:48 AM UTC Our position: 25°02.81’S, 127°04.82’W Traveling 4.9 heading 294T
Google says we are here,-127.08033

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