Passage to Gambiers #09

Day #9, a Monday like no other Monday.
Be calm, Be Happy. No wind, No waves, just SUN and its HOT very hot. After a fun filled night chasing what ever wind we could find. Finally gave up and dropped the sails and motored on slowly. The forecast said the wind was gonna go AWOL, and it did. What it didn’t say is that ourselves had become accustomed to Chile, where it was cool and never sweltering during their summer. Today was a nice reminder that we are headed back to the land of sun and warmth. Add to the fact that we were motoring along at wind speed, or virtually no wind what so ever. Very hot. 87F, you wouldn’t know we were used to 100+F in Texas. All good tho, couple boat chores done, caught up on some sleep in the shade and tried a Cajun Pasta recipe that we will be making again.
Wind is supposed to return to our picture mid-day tomorrow, till then we motor directly toward the Gambiers, with this at sunset.
332 of 1414 miles left to go. [realtime]
At 4/9/2019 @ 3:17 AM UTC Our position: 24°32.84’S, 129°13.18’W Traveling 5.0 heading 280T
Google says we are here,-129.21967

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