Passage Hao to Tahiti #02

Day #2 is winding down. Completely uneventful day, the best kind of days to have. The predicted weather before we left said the wind would die to next to nothing. For once the prediction actually happened. On came one engine and keep us moving toward the destination. Slowly, no real need to rush. Technically we could just drift along or wait for wind. Since we should have plenty of fuel, we opted to just run one engine at 50% power to push us along till *hopefully* the forecasted wind picks up over night.

There was very little wind so the water was glassy smooth with the exception of the swell. Some pretty big swell was rolling in making the boat go up and down pretty much all day. Lots of reading, playing on devices, Christine organized some of our movies, I’m thinking about trying the music library. Course I have been thinking about that for years, too many duplicates and far too many genres to make finding music easy. We will see if I actually get motivated.

Had a couple Chipotle Burrito Bowls with left-overs for future passage meals. Make a big pot when the weather is nice and freeze the rest for quick meal when the weather is not conducive to cooking.

All good just making slow progress. Fingers crossed that the wind does as the forecast reports and returns this evening for a nice sail the rest of the way.

Happy Friday y’all.

364 of 498 miles left to go.

At 5/31/2019 @ 6:23 AM UTC
Our position: 17°47.69’S, 143°14.26’W
Traveling 4.5 heading 271T

Google says we are here,-143.23767

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