Passage to Hao #01

So long Gambiers.
We made some great friends and hung out with the locals like we were family. Learned the fish we CAN eat, spear fished a few. Caught lobsters at low tide, explored the pearl farms snorkeled, paddle boarded, hiked miles, fought for supplies from the supply ship, anchored in crowded and isolated bays. Sad to leave and move on but there is more to see.
There is virtually no wind or waves in our forecast so we are motoring, we did get 10 knots of wind under one dark cloud that gave us a nice boost. The best part of motoring is that the batteries and water tanks will be completely full when we arrive. The huge full moon is awesome night light.
We should be in Hao in about 3 days at our conservative engine speed for fuel consumption, then about a week there exploring before heading to crowded Tahiti.
All good on board, main sail is up, we rolled the jib when the wind dropped to 2 knots.
Would love to post pictures but the internet was definitely not up to the task, but we will do so when we encounter to good WiFi.
409 of 452 miles left to go. [realtime]
At 5/19/2019 @ 4:45 AM UTC Our position: 22°38.16’S, 135°39.61’W Traveling 4.5 heading 312T
Google says we are here,-135.66017
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