Passage to Hao #02

Awesome day, couldn’t ask for better weather. Wait, that is NOT what the forecast said! We actually found enough wind to turn off the engine this morning. The wind was keeping a steady 8 knots of breeze, shifting around a bit, but still pretty nice as there was no sea state. An extremely comfortable day sailing. Could almost be lake conditions except we did cover lots of miles at 6-7 knots most of the day. With some of the wind shifts we had to adjust the sails to get back on course of course. 🙂
Had a Sunday big breakfast of bacon, hash browns and eggs that hit the spot after the morning nap, recovering from the late night shifts.
We had a little pizza party before we left our friends behind and there were some left over fish cakes, that we are going to devour for dinner. Smells yummy as they are warming up just now.
Will probably have to run the generator a bit this eve, as we have been making water most of the day and the solar panels are shaded by the sails. Had thought the wind was going to lay down and we’d be back running with an engine on. Hopefully the wind continues on.
Cheers, all good on aboard, cruising along.
298 of 452 miles left to go. [realtime]
At 5/20/2019 @ 2:03 AM UTC Our position: 21°21.05’S, 137°06.31’W Traveling 7.4 heading 301T
Google says we are here,-137.10517
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