Mother Nature Surprises Us

When you live on a boat, you have to have a high level of respect for Mother Nature.  She can deliver some of the most breathtaking and inspiring views while at the same time sending dangerous and frightening weather.  The anchorage presented us with many gorgeous sunsets

Sunsets at Easter Island

Sunsets at Easter Island

After the 2nd night, we woke up to really rolly and uncomfortable conditions.  We were still at anchor, but it was awful.  The supply ship had already left, but the National Geographic ship was loading passengers (or at least trying).  The port captain hailed each of the 10 sailboats on the VHF.  They told us that the port would be closed for several days and that we should evacuate the anchorage.  What?  Crap!

Changing Anchorages to VinaPu

We all slowly made our way around the island to a more protected anchorage.  The only problem with the new anchorage is that there is no easy way to get to shore.  Shoot, there goes our island tour.

Not a particularly pretty anchorage either.  This is where the fuel container ship comes to provide fuel to the island.  So, we looked at huge fuel tanks on shore.  We stayed here overnight and decided we needed to go ashore the next day.  Lots to do: provision, get gasoline, and clear out of the country as our visas were expiring.  We found a semi protected area near a platform with a ladder.  We tossed out a stern anchor and crawled our way to shore.  Managing to stay mostly dry.

Luckily, we were able to get everything done that we needed.  But, because the port was closed and access to shore was challenging, we decided to leave a day early.  Much to my disappointment.  We did not get to see the largest MOAI or the largest grouping of MOAI (15).  But what we did see, we loved.  This is a spectacular island!

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