Passage Hao to Tahiti #04

Closer and closer we go.

Another uneventful day, well there were some fun things. In the morning the wind picked up, we sailed for several hours at decent speeds. Knocking off the miles and hopes of arriving on Sunday during the day light hours danced about the mind. Knowing deep down that there wasn’t much chance of the wind behaving for the next 48 hrs to make that a reality.

Finally a keeper fish came on board. A decent sized tuna, 4 meal or so, took a liking to the bright skirted lure. Bright was the color in the Caribbean but so far the lures that were getting the attention were dark in color. Course the dark ones were favorites of the big guys that take the lures with them.

Christine made banana muffins from bananas she had frozen before we left Gambiers, turned out yummy as usual.

Noticed a bunch of birds circling in front of the boat after I woke up from a nap. Went to the bow to check em out and since the wind was down you could see clearly in the water, the bigger fish chasing smaller fish and then the birds taking advantage and snatching the smaller fish. Went on for hours, they seemed to always be a couple boat lengths away and never behind the boat where the lures were waiting. Wonder if the fish saw us coming and checked out our lures and since we were only going 5 knots, thought that there must be something ‘fishy’ about these lures and just left them untouched.

Lightning was all in the sky early this morning, beautiful but nervous at the same time. Started out just on the port side of the boat, but eventually we could see lightning all around. Most was staying in the sky, but a few were making tracks to the water. Glad they were far far away. Even tho it was ‘red in the morning’ the day was good with only a few drips of rain.

All good, looking forward to finding a place to anchor or a mooring, just looks like it going to be 2 more nights, tonight and tomorrow till we are on the hook in Tahiti.

130 of 498 miles left to go.

At 6/2/2019 @ 6:37 AM UTC
Our position: 17°37.29’S, 147°20.74’W
Traveling 4.8 heading 275T

Google says we are here,-147.34567

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