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Breaking News-Blog Release Dates

We have had so much fun in French Polynesia that our blogs can’t keep up!  As many of you know, our blogs are usually 6-8 weeks behind us.  Why do you ask?  It takes several hours to write each blog, compose the photos, upload the data and fix the SEO.  So, normally, I write the blog post offline.  When I find internet, I upload the content, photos and load the blog.  But the problem arises when we can’t find access to the world wide web, which can last for weeks on end.

Needless to say, we stock pile posts and schedule them to be released while we are offline. This will ensure that you always have something fabulous to read each week.  However, I have written so many posts about all of our amazing Polynesian adventures that they were being scheduled out through next year!  Yikes 3.5 months is way too long to wait.

Blog Release Dates

So, we have a new release schedule. Check out a new blog every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday!  Imagine all the work you can delay while reading our blog!  Blogs are released at 0700 PST every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday through the end of the year.


Did you know you can register at our blog?  Go to “Home” page, then on right hand side click “Register.” You will receive emails when a new blog is released once you are registered.  It’s easy and free.  This way you won’t miss a single adventure.

Gallery: Photos of Sugar Shack

Many of you have asked for photos of Sugar Shack.  We have created a new Gallery which has photos of the interior and exterior.  Go to the “home” page and click on  “Sugar Shack Gallery Page” then click on “Photos of Sugar Shack.”

Sugar Shack Standing Proud

Sugar Shack Standing Proud

Tracking us on Sugar Shack

Did you know that you can track our location at any time? Simply go to our “Home” page, click “Current Location.”

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Makatea Belvedere Lookout

Makatea Belvedere Lookout


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Lightning Strike Blog

Tomorrow we will launch a post on our lightning strike that occurred in Costa Rica two years ago.  Stay tuned.

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