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Passage to Marquesas – End of Day 04 Anchored

Anchor is down, it’s 2am so we can’t appreciate the beauty. Or really see how close we anchored to our new neighbors. We are here safe and sound. Salty but safe.

About 550 miles as the sailboat flies, max speed 12.2k in just under 85 hours. Cold beer in hand, will probably sleep in and miss sunrise.

Cheers, All good #atanchor

Passage to Marquesas – End of Day 03

Well the “chaos monkey” must also visit the ocean from time to time. This morning we found him up to his usual chaos, this time with the sea. Crazy waves from everywhere, real close together and with different heights made for an extremely uncomfortable morning after a superb the day and night before.

The winds were up. The waves were up and we were bashing in and over them all. Lasted from 5am till about 1pm. Or at 1pm we finally got used to the motion. We had shortened the sails to reduce power but we were still humming along at about 8 knots. At least were were going the direction we needed to go, so on we went.

I sure hope there are limes in the Marquesas. We have tequila on board and the boat is covered in salt, so we just need limes for margaritas. ;). With all the bashing into the waves everything is covered in salt, will probably have to use both fresh water tanks to clean her up.

All in all, we made lots of miles toward the Marquesas, os that is good. We now only have 200 miles to go, we have already sailed 350 miles. The crow would have flew 500 miles, we had to 50 miles avoiding other atolls on the wan and going where the wind would allow us to go.

200 to go puts us again arriving at night, supposed to be a big wide open bay. So we might do this one at night if the moon is still out. If we end up slowing down we might divert to ua-po for the night and continue on in the morning.

We left the Tuamotus, trading in the flat atolls for mountains and waterfall hikes, corals for fresh produce growing on the hills. And of course getting out of cyclone zone. 😉

Passage to Marquesas – End of Day 02

All in all a good day, light winds easy seas. While earlier we missed the rain clouds, one finally caught up with us. Not enough rain to even rinse the boat, but did steal the wind, forcing a change of course for a bit while the cloud passed by.

After tacking back and forth into the wind we are now 380 miles from the destination, probably 150 miles the water to only go 120 miles toward the destination. Oh well, we will get there. All good on board a Asian Chicken Salad for dinner as the sun set.