Underwater Sanctuary

Lockdown was extended for another 2 weeks.  A real disappointment, but not a surprise as delta ravages French Polynesia.  Just means we have to get more creative to fill our time.  Clarification around the restrictions for cruisers were released and we are now allowed to swim and do water sports within 1 kilometer of our boat.  Sweet.  So, we discover an underwater sanctuary right behind Sugar Shack.

Deborah heads back to the states after spending a week with us on Sugar Shack.  Once we drop her off at the ferry dock, we move Sugar Shack to a new to us anchorage on the south side of Vaiare Bay.  It is super lovely, and after 24 hours we are the only boat here.

Vaiare Bay, Mo'orea

Vaiare Bay, Mo’orea

We miss the sunset from here, but we still get magnificent fiery skies.

And one more with an orange sky

We are anchored in 2.5 meters of beautiful, clear turquoise water.  We have lots of happy hour guests the love to hang out with our green light.

Underwater Sanctuary

Rumor has it that the reef behind us hosts an underwater sanctuary for loads of fish and pretty corals.  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  We explore the reef over several days and love getting a glimpse of the underwater sea dwellers.

Underwater Sanctuary

Underwater Sanctuary

The above photo was taken at the surface looking at the marker (top), looking back at Sugar Shack (way in the distance) and Wayne striking a pose.

Lots and lots of purple coral in this area.  It was as if the coral was telling us we were amongst underwater royalty.

This very large coral head topped the surface and created a super cool reflection off the water (top).  The bottom photo is me at the edge of the drop off.  You can see it goes way deep (dark water upper right) with the light beckoning me to come explore.

Life Abounds

These underwater gardens were teaming with life.  We played with a huge variety of fish that were all curious to see the new visitors to their underwater kingdom.  A beautiful little turtle decided his shallow sanctuary was too close for comfort and headed toward the deep.

It was amazing to see such a variety of fish enjoying this piece of paradise.  Loads of butterfly fish, triggers, bat fish, neon fish, and angels.

And we swam through a school of fish trying to glean some information about their underwater education.

It always amazes me how much beauty is underwater, just a stone throws away from our boat.  It is like visiting your favorite TV series each day, but in person.

The three musketeers

Thank you for spending lockdown with us Wayne!  Even though it was not ideal, we had a great time hanging out with you.

Our new GoPro 9 took the underwater photos.  Thank you Dad!!!!

We introduce Air head Sally in our next blog..  In our last blog, we try to entertain Wayne and Deborah during lockdown.

Events from this blog post occurred during the third week of August, 2021.  Our blog posts run 10-12 weeks behind our adventures.

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