Fiji Bound Day #02

Gorgeous day, still light winds and moderate seas. Super comfortable sailing. At day break, time to hoist the downwind sail. We were really close to dead down wind so we used our smallest spinnaker 125m2, still about 1000 sq feet of sail cloth. Without a squall one on the horizon the spinnaker danced and pulled Sugar Shack along in the right direction all day long.

Today the GPSs on board started freaking out, more exactly couldn’t pick up a GPS position. Maybe there are too many starlink satellites in the sky and obstructing the GPS signals? 🙂 There are countless devices with GPS positioning on board. From hand helps to VHF to AIS. Lots of GPS receivers. Also the iridium go! satellite tracker has a device, and if you look at our track lately it looks like we are drawing crazy star patterns with the boat, and going every which direction. So far, I think we are still going in the right direction. :). The magnetic compass still says so. Seems better now, at least onboard, not sure what our predict wind track looks like, but I bet it’s amazing.

As darkness approached, decision time. Fly the spinnaker in the dark or drop back to white sails. We let it fly for a while, then the when the wind threatened to increase we swapped back to white working sails. Slowed down but still a very comfortable night.

Closing in on the 1500 miles to go mark, should break that barrier in a coupe of hours.

All well on board.

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  1. Roxy

    This is Roxy and Carl on Sky Pond. Wondering if you are using a weather router for the Fiji passage and if so, can you reply with their contact.

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