Fiji Bound Day#12 – Jumping ship

Investigation into why Mr Spinnaker would jump ship in the middle of the night revealed that he had help. Not exactly sure of who his accomplice was but the evidence points to the shackle. The wayward crew member waited just the exact moment to escape the shackle that bound him to our service. After pulling him back on board and a full check over all is back in place for the next time his service is required. If he tries the same trick again, he will also have to deal with a dyneema lashing that is the backup in case that becomes unscrewed again.

It’s not a normal marine shackle and I assume its bent a bit as it took some good leverage to get the nut closed so I would be surprised if it ever comes apart again, but just in case the stronger than steel dyneema lashing is there as a backup.

Today was not a spectacular day. It was gray and overcast with rain squalls all day long and they are continuing into the night again. We are just running the jib and making decent progress at a comfortable ride. Actually with the high winds and high waves we have been surfing quite fast a lot today. Max surf at 11.7 and all day average of 6 knots with just a foresail.

Enough to get us to Fiji, we saw some of the outer island when we still had 120 miles to go. The rain and dark clouds made spotting them a bit of a challenge. None the less we have 90 or so miles left to the anchorage. Where a beer and customs/immigration and a long nap on less bouncy boat will be in order. Most likely in that order.

Tonights project, use up the last of the fresh veggies before we have to turn them in, cabbage will be coleslaw, cucumbers will be marinated, apples will be eaten, tomatoes will be salsa. Might have to turn in a onion or two. Limes …hmmm…. Margaritas? That would be awesome, but sure the customs and immigration would appreciate slurring of the vocabulary.

A pretty sweet passage, 12 days – We left Saturday around noon will arrive Thursday around noon – but its actually a Friday because we crossed the date line. We are now in the future. Looks the same but only newer. This is one day longer than our Easter Island to Gambier, French Polynesia but a bazillion times smoother passage and easier more comfortable passage. Christine did amazing. No sign or hint of seasickness that comes from sailing over night, might be getting used to it? Or just highly medicated on this extra long trip.

I will try and remember to post an arrival notice, but with beer and sleep being the priority I hope I don’t forget like I normally do.

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