Damaged Rudder Shaft with broken tines

Arrived with a limp

Yup, not a great passage, and not excited about the weather that’s coming. Little too busy and frustrated to send an update yesterday.

We have arrived Tonga, cleared customs and are extremely happy to be here and and explore new places. A couple of hurdles before continuing on the life of an explorer.

Rough passage it was, winds were good and just the waves didn’t really want to play nice.

Port rudder went on a diet.

So you are driving along and your steering wheel comes off in your hands. Either you slow down or just hope for the best. We were sailing along and then our chauffeur couldn’t keep a course to save his butt. Otto, our chauffeur and auto pilot, kept forgetting which way to go. We tried to coax him along and point the right way, but no dice. Turns outs try as he might, it’s impossible to steer without the steering wheel. So we gave him a break and put on the training wheels and motored through out the night.

It wasn’t till we found sheltered water of Tonga that we saw what Otto was complaining about. The rudder had gone awol, and made controlling the vehicle quite the challenge. good thing we have 2 of them rudders.

Next hurdle is the weather, an nasty system that is supposed to bring 50+ knot winds from all directions is arriving for the weekend, just like those surprise uninvited in-laws that kept threatening to show up and now really are showing up.

It’s all good, it’s part of living on the edge of a flat earth. Sooner or later you’ll fall off, or go around the corner and continue on.

Very nice first sunset in the Kingdom and out for a long sleep. Safe and sound.

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