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Air Head Sally – Blow Up Friends

Flat Stanly has nothing on Air Head Sally.  We try to get creative to keep our friends entertained during confinement.    (Air head Sally helps us along.  No blowup dolls were hurt during this episode).

Air Head Sally is a happy member of our crew and really enjoys when we have guests onboard.  She practices safe measures during covid.

She loves to read and takes great pleasure when guests bring her magazines.

Although, she realizes now, that she needs reading glasses like the rest of us old farts.  Some find reading glasses sexy??

Always up for a good snorkel, she floats at the surface like we do.

Sometimes she gets overzealous with the vitamins…

But after a little nap she is back her old tricks.

Jumping into a good party like any good guest on Sugar Shack.  Of course she drinks hinano beer with the boys and manon rose (corte de provence of course)

The next morning, she takes care of business right on the bed (oops).

She just loves to cuddle.

She pops up in unexpected places.

Air Head Sally is so deflated when our guests leave that she actually tries to go home with them.

Just a wee bit of fun to brighten your day…like this rainbow over Tahiti

In our last blog, we try to entertain Wayne and Deborah during lockdown.

Events from this blog post occurred during the third week of August, 2021.  Our blog posts run10-12 weeks behind our adventures.