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Photo courtesy of Voyages of Agape

Magnificent Humpback Whales Part II

You wanted more photos of humpback whales and here they are!  A few of my friends had the pleasure of going out over a dozen times and were able to capture more photos in clearer water.  They have blessed me with sharing them with you.

Krista Anne (Facebook as mermaid) has worked with marine animals for years, including as a dolphin trainer.  She has a heart of gold and captured many amazing shots.

Momma and baby

Just because they are so darn cute

She caught several humpback whales at play.

Got up close and personal with a few…look at their beautiful eyes!

Photos by Rachel Moore

Rachel captured these amazing close up shots.  They are such magestic creatures and she captures them beautifully.  Check out her instagram account at moore_rachel or find her on Facebook.

As much as I wished I captured the above photos myself, I am grateful for the whale experience I had.  Being able to swim with 4 adult humpback whales at one time is rare and a true blessing.  Maybe next time I come back I will swim with a momma and her baby.  One can dream.

I go on a tour in search of the humpback whales in our last blog.  Events from this blog post occurred early October.  Our blog posts run 10-12 weeks behind our adventures.