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Manutea: 22 Alcoholic Drinks from Fruit

Missy and Yanell, our friends on “Hoodoo” take us on a hike to Manutea Rotui Juice Factory and Distillery on Mo’orea.  Walking along the road which parallels the bay, we arrive at the Manutea factory 2.4 miles later.  There is a self-tour and a gift shop with free tastings.

Manutea Tahiti

Manutea Tahiti

This unique facility is geared toward finding “pleasures of the mouth.”  They harvest six different fruits: pineapple, guava, papaya, grapefruit, mango, and noni for a variety of alcoholic beverages.  These fresh fruits and the sugar cane are harvested throughout the leeward islands (Society archipelago), but mainly on Mo’orea.  Over 200 people or 60 families are employed to produce and harvest the fruit and sugar cane each year.

The sugar cane, freshly cut by hand is crushed on the plantation the same day (without adding water) before it is fermented.  These suave notes characterize the Manutea agricultural rhum.  The harvest period is usually from August to October, when the cane reaches full maturity.

The team believes their beverages offer tropical flavors unlike any other and are a true expression of the land.  They have been rewarded with ISO certifications in 2006, 2009.

Touring Manutea Juice Factory

The Manutea factory was producing, bottling, and packaging juice during our self-tour.  I must admit that I have not had the opportunity to be in different factories. I was mesmerized watching the sleek machines.  From expanding the juice box, to filling, capping, and packaging.

Juice factory

Juice factory

This factory produces 11 different types of juices under the “Rotui” brand.  We have purchased mango, pineapple, and mixed fruits before. But we tasted a new peach flavor that rocked!

We then made our way to the rhum distillery.  It was not in operation during our visit, but it was impressive none the less.

Seven types of agricultural rhum are distilled at this factory, including (3) aged rhums.  Matt and I, and in fact most Americans, Europeans, and Canadians prefer “rum” which is made from maple syrup as opposed to sugar cane because it is smoother and not as harsh.  They are typically less concentrated as well (lighter proof).

In addition to the rhum, Manutea Tahiti produces (2) white wines (one with a pineapple taste and one dry), champaign, (3) premixed Tahiti drinks (fruit flavored with rhum, dark rhum, and tequila), (7) liqueurs, and (2) Vahine cream liqueurs.

Taste Test

The sampling was amusing.  The lady wanted us in and out to get a larger group in.  Since it was covid they had to wait for us.  So, we tasted 8 shots in 6 minutes.  Wowza!  She started off with the sweet white wine with a touch of pineapple.  Sounds super weird, but it was delicious!  We moved on to the champaign, then the new Tahiti Drink with tequila (which we bought).  Next was Mo’orea Coco (which would be great over vanilla ice cream), then the 60 proof rhum and finally the 80 proof.  Yikes!  Luckily, she ended the tasting with a shot of the new peach flavored tea and then a shot of pure mango pure.  We wobbled out of there.  Lucky for us we had a 2.4 mile walk back to the dinghy.

Juice factory and distillery http://manuteatahiti.com/

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