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Killing Time in Ua Pou

We arrived in the main anchorage of Hakahau, Ua Pou several weeks before the Marquesan festival.  Not because it is a great place to be (because the anchorage stinks), but because we wanted to secure a spot in the approved anchorage before the festival.  So, what did we do to entertain ourselves?

Hike Along the Water’s Edge

Matt flew the drone around the out skirts of the bay and discovered a ledge that is only visible at low tide.  We decided to explore the ledge and see how far it would take us around the island.  It was a beautiful walk over lots of large rocks, pebbles, and lava formations.  It was really surprising to see how many fish were hanging out in the tide pools.  not just tad poles, but pretty little butterfly fish, angels and more.  Shocking really.  They must have come in with a wave and got stuck in their new home (bottom images).

Ua Pou Water's edge walk

Ua Pou Water’s edge walk

We found a beautiful little bridge that allowed the giant waves to flow underneath and above.  Perfect photo op for me.  We also found a little blue lagoon with gorgeous plant life and fish all around.  Of course Matt had to climb down and float inside this small piece of paradise.

Ua Pou

Ua Pou

When we returned, the Tahiti Nui boat was pulling in.  To our great amusement they had a large welcoming party to greet the Tahitian performers including dancing, singing, and drums!  My goodness if they do this just as they are arriving, I can hardly wait until the actual festival.

Welcoming the Tahiti Nui

Welcoming the Tahiti Nui

We spent lots of time on shore to avoid being in the uncomfortably anchorage.  However, when conditions were really bad, we were on board to ensure its safety.  Time moved slowly as we awaited the start of the festival.  I was anxious to leave Ua Pou and this anchorage, but my desire to be a part of the celebrations superseded it all!

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