Coco Beach: Mo’orea

We needed a beach day to decompress from all of our activities.  But a beach day for the Konis family is anything but relaxing on a beach.  Love them!  We head to Coco Beach which is located on a small motu called Tiahura just off of Mo’orea.

The restaurant is located on a heavenly islet. Hidden in the trees and on the sand are dozens and dozens of tables and benches. You rest your toes in the sand as you enjoy their tasty morsels.  Service can be a little slow but not surprising when you see the dozens of tables.  Right as you enter the eatery you are met with a very humorous sign.

We take every opportunity we can for photo ops:

Sisters, the very best of friends.

The Konis’s and Mitchell’s

Of course, there was loads of volleyball

An amazing lunch to go along with the bevy of cocktails

And loads of swimming to cool off from the hot sun. I love the shameless branding photo with Cole.

In our next blog we explore an underwater tiki garden, a juice factory, and introduce my family to some of our cruiser friends.  In our last blog the boys learned how to foil and we did a transparent kayak tour. – check it out.

Events from this blog post occurred during the first week of August, 2021.  Our blog posts run 10-12 weeks behind our adventures.

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